Monday, April 27, 2009

This blog is changing

Friends and family,
Due to unforseen things we have terminated contracts with our Surrogate. I will not go through the reasons here but, wanted to let you all know. I have changed the blogs sub-title due to this. Nate and I are still on a mission to having our dreams of having child/ren fullfilled and it WILL be done just not the way planned. I will go through some things later on what paths we choose or are looking at. We have 2 very good options already! We may not get a baby right away but, will have at least 1 child. As most know we were planning on adoption before all this mess but, chose to have a baby. Well now we are re-visiting our choice from before. Plus some others:-) So please say some prayers as there is still some rocks in our path.

Much Love,
Nathan and Lisa Anderson