Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fundraiser ideas

Ok, Would love your help with some fundraiser ideas. Since our last adventure went sour we are out a good sum of money:-(......

So right now I have come up with:
setting up an store and selling dyed rovings and spun up yarns plus knitted items.

yard sale and all funds go to our BABY fund.

This is what I have so far. Please comment and help us with more idea's. Hopefully we will have a baby/child by 2011. I know long time off but, if we adopt domestic or over sea's it could take awhile for all that paperwork to go through.
We are also thinking of Foster Care with option to adopt! And seeing if a friend or family member would carry a baby for us but, we would have to gather money as we are going to go for Invetro this time. However we are going to spend the money on seeing IF I even have eggs anymore. We are thinking no but, its worth a shot. If I don't then we may go for donor or see if whomever we have carry would be willing but, We know that is a hard choice for someone to say ok. The sperm would be Nathan's since we know he produces. We bought a special microscope to look and they are fine:-) I know probably TMI~ LOL

I may even set up on here and my craft blog a donation thing where if you chose to donate money to the baby fund you could. no pressure at all. We all know how tuff the economy is right now!!

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