Friday, May 22, 2009

Nate and I are still looking into options of which way we want to go to get a child/ren. We are thinking of getting a homestudy done and then going to agency's to see if any of the waiting children would be a good match for us in our neighboring states including of coarse our state of WI. We will go for infant to age 9yrs old. We will be doing a couple things to gain money for our journey of adoption.

In June we will be having a family yard sale in Luck, WI and the items that sell that are Nate and mine will go toward adoption. I will also be starting an etsy site and will load things I've knitted and maybe even for you spinners like Nate and I some roving that is dyed by me. If anyone has a request of a knitted item please contact me and we will work out the details. I have LOTS of yarn so this will be fun:-) I also knit dog and cat toys everyone and will be starting to knit dog sweaters for the cold winter and can do dog leashes. I have patterns for cat beds also that can of coarse go for small dogs.

So the main thing is we are NOT giving up.

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